For more than 10 years experienced, Simon Cheng works has spanned across multitude of platforms, ranging from local to international market.
He have a strong visual connection between different 'space' and 'form'.
The influence of new media and idea definitely expands his understanding of' concept' and 'design'.
The work of Simon Cheng is instantly recognizable and internationally well respected.

Simon Cheng has taken concept design to the next level with his work.
His work is refined to the production detail and visual incredible.
Simon Cheng was one of the creative industry judge panel for ComicFiesta 2009.
At 2009 - 2011, Simon Cheng contracted with Limkokwing University as part-time industry guest lecturer.
He was one of the selected designer for the NASA’s International Space Development Conference project at 2010.

Simon Cheng's projects have received critical praise for the technical and concept innovation.

Artworks Feature: 


Online Interview:
- http://www.animationfocuz.net/articles/interview/exclusive-interview-with-simon-cheng-concept-artist/

Feature at Friday Smackdown @ SolidSmack:
- http://solidsmack.com/friday-smackdown/friday-smackdown-gedara-cho/

30 Seriously Amazing Joker & Batman Illustration:
- http://idesignow.com/digital-art/30-seriously-amazing-joker-batman-illustrations.html

Concept work for student as study material by the professor at America Intercontinental University:
- http://forums.luxology.com/discussion/topic.aspx?id=46738
- http://forums.luxology.com/discussion/topic.aspx?id=46786
- http://forums.luxology.com/discussion/topic.aspx?id=46881

* Aviva
* Sony Computer Entertainment
* Transformers
* Crysis Mod Pack
* Malacca Empire
* NSC (Nasa Space Society)
* Htc
* ASIAGRAPH 2012 @ Tokyo, Japan
* Tiger Beer Co.
* Peugeot
* Acer
* Apple Computer
* Aura Cinematic
* Konami
* LIMA 2011
* Shiseido
* Asia Music Festival 2010
* 7even
* Chivas Regal
* Aston Martin
* Resort World Genting
* Black Mana
* Bad Robot
* Black Box
* Bamboo Raven
* Dermalogica

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